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“We are masters in Every Highway and Byway in Your Region,
and are acquainted with Them Very Well”

Our thoroughly knowledge and dedication for customer services makes Gujarat Logistics, a leading Logistics & Transportation service provider in India. Here is the several advantages that make GL – Your perfect logistics solution partner for business.

Extensive Range Of Services With Flawless Execution
Nothing divides us when we give our services, neither the size and weight nor the separation. With a wide-ranging fleet of more than 100 vehicles; Gujarat Logistics have the ability to transport any size of consignment to any part of the India.
Communication System- Core Of The Business
Correspondence must be exact and idealize in any service business. From the time of submitting the quote to the final delivery we are in constant touch with our consignment – helping us in explaining exact situation to our customers.
Consistent and Time Framed Deliveries
When we talk about best transport service, being time bound is very essential. What makes us serious in our business and our deep knowledge of the logistics & industrial supply chain system that helps us in understanding the situation better.  A complete track and monitored of each fleet through online control room via GPS tracking system till the delivery of the load.
Qualitative Services At Competitive Rates
With a big fleet of more than 100 vehicles at our own space, it gives us an added advantage in providing quality service at very competitive rates from other transport providers. Also our large network across varied places gives an edge from other industry players.
Right Experience – Qualification Of An Expert
Successfully completing tasks of more than 15,00,000 MT or worth INR 1,000 million in past few years have given us an extraordinary edge over our competitors – a testimony to our quality, speed and safety. What makes us this efficient are our resources that can handle consignment of any size and give competitive rates and the biggest point among above all is that we guarantee client’s peace of mind.
Gps Based Fleet Management – Heart Of The Business
Apart from our experts and experience what makes us poisonous is our implementation of the revolutionary GPS based vehicle tracking and fleet management system. Updating ourselves with the latest technique allows us real-time tracking and monitoring of the vehicles deployed for the assignment. Additionally, tracking the exact location, speed and route helps us to give a clear picture & status of client consignment.
Capable TEAM
GL has always been supported by an expert, specialized and skilled team that provides excellent work. Our team members, starting from management team to delivery technicians, all are dedicated to providing the best possible logistics & transport services to our valuable clients.
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